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Welcome to Inscape Indoor Plant Hire. We are an Australian company that utilize indoor plants in high quality planters to transform and improve offices and work places

Organisations around the world are always looking for new ways to help their workers lower workplace stress and enhanced productivity. Our plants remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduce complaints and symptoms associated with respiratory illness and increase indoor air quality.

This is why we exist.



  • Inscape Indoor Plant Hire has supplied our office plants for over 2 years. In that time, their service has been outstanding, both in quality product and customer service.
  • Inscape indoor plant hire team does a fantastic job by providing excellent service and the plant quality is outstanding. They are extremely professional and reliable. I would recommend Inscape Indoor Plant Hire to anyone who requires plant hire services.
  • Now we are using the services of Inscape with supply of plants for our office and thanks to the good and knowledgeable service of Inscape, who has recommended us the types of plants for our office. It has made a great impact!
  • Inscape indoor plant hire provides satisfactory and friendly service for their clients. I really appreciate their effort to make my office with the beautiful plants. It made my working life full of live.
  • We are pleased with the plants supplied by Inscape indoor plant hire and the service rendered by their team. Kudos to a good team!

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