Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Decrease Health Symptoms With Indoor Plants

Indoor plants is good for your health because it filter polluted indoor air. An additional bonus is it brings the outdoor inside and beautify the space.

Some plants are better at absorbing pollutants  than others, however all indoor can improve air quality.

Common Cold – Indoor plants decrease dust and increase humidity level therefore reducing cold related illness.

Drowsiness – If there are excess carbon dioxide it can increase drowsiness levels. During photosynthesis plants can remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Stress – Indoor plant are proven to increase the feeling of making you calm and optimistic. It is also a well known fact that it lower blood pressure due to stress – relieving nature.

Headache  – Indoor plants create oxygen and lower carbon dioxide therefore reducing stale air which contribute to headaches.

Congestion – Plants like eucalyptus can clear congestion and phlegm, it acts like a natural antiseptic.

Dry skin – Indoor plants are natural humidifier and  increase the moisture levels in your office.

Insomnia – Plants gives off clean oxygen, it can help improve your sleep when you are sleeping.

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